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Professional Development

Looking for something to do in your free time to help develop your skills? Here we have compiled a list of certifications you can obtain and books you can read to help with your professional development!


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These courses are free with your TAMU account, and there are so many great things available for you! Search for something you are interested in and LinkedIn will give you recomendations.

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These certifications are available for all Microsoft office applications, we recommend starting with excel! There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses offered.

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This read was recommended by our amazing friends at KHA! If you did not get one of the copies they handed out at the meeting they are available for sale on Amazon!


This is a great read for anyone looking for client engagement knowledge or just professional development in general! It is available to purchase on Amazon and other websites.

Image by Solen Feyissa

If you are on a client engagement where you are working on advertisement this is a great place to start! Google offers a number of free courses to help you develop skills.

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These courses can be extremely helpful on client engagements where you want to measure how many people are visiting a website, which advertisements are working, etc. 

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